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6 Reasons to Rowl With Us

Where's the party?

Planning a party, going to a concert or just chilling at a coffee shop? Easily post events with a location so your friends close-by are notified to join you.

Nearby notifications

Get notified when your favorite band, DJ or comedian will be performing nearby and invite your friends.
Never miss an event again.


Follow your favorite artists for exclusive performances and first-chance tickets, merch, meet & greets and amazing stuff you can't get anywhere else.

Live more socially

Get the latest on what's happening around you. Let your friends know and put the social back into social networking.

Hassle-free planning

Forget switching from messaging app to social apps to tweets, snaps and feeds. Coordinate plans in-app seemlessly with comments around events.


Your location is your business, not ours. Only you can share the location of events that you're interested in with the people you care about.

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